People like me should be killed at birth.

No seriously. I swear.....

I’m never enough. My hair is ugly no matter what color I dye it or what length it is. My body is always stuck in that ugly stage before chubby curvy or skinny. No man or woman will ever love me. I’m useless as a person. The only reason I stopped cutting is because people threatened to do the same and you know what? I want to fucking slit my throat because they chose the goddamn worst person to be invested in. I hate myself. I intimidate others and I’m thee friend everyone secretly hates.

Well I’m single. And he’s now being a dick to me and why don’t chicks like me? They are so much nicer than the guys that like me. ;n;

Okay, I don’t have any anon hate in my inbox and it’s been that way for a while so, my personal blog is if you want it.

Anonymous asked: I fucking hate you. You're fucking retarded, ugly, fat and stupid.

Aw, thank you~ I hate you too~

I want to die.

so let’s make a fucking list of whats shit today. 

  • My dog was put down
  • My step-mom keeps bursting into tears
  • I woke up feeling ill
  • I was severely triggered by a fat post
  • I want to cut

Now lets add to that:
My boyfriend keeps accusing me of not wanting to be with him and not being able to stand him 

Hey, depression? You aren’t supposed to hit me when I’m at my dads. You aren’t supposed to make me consider suicide where my step-mom or dad would find my body. You aren’t supposed to make me cry right now. You aren’t supposed to make me want to give up. I’m supposed to be having fun and ignoring you. Stop.

SpazzUnion: Possible trigger. Mostly a rant.


I got made fun of constantly when I was younger for being fat. Not overweight. Not curvy. For being fat. I never cried. I never acted any differently to those who made fun of me. I never stopped wearing what I wanted to wear but… It has changed me. I used to wear skirts, dresses, tank tops,…

This belong more on this blog of mine than that one but I couldn’t stop typing.